Weaning / Screaming has begun!

Oh weaning…. other than freezing in the barn all night, my least favorite thing about keeping sheep.

taken 4-10-2010. They are already a lot bigger!

We are past the worse of the screaming time, but the mothers are still not happy at all about being locked up and away from our nice, green grass.

On the positive side, it’s getting to the point where it’s safe for most of the lambs to go home. We have not wethered the males yet, and have already sold one as a ram.  However, if you would like a show wether, we will wether him and send him home in a week – just so that we can watch for any complications (it hasn’t happened yet, but we don’t like to send home potential trouble).

Most lambs were born 2-13 through 2-25, 2010 – these are being weaned now. Also, there is 1 ewe lamb born 3-19  that can go home in late May or now if the customer would like to buy her two year-old mother also, and a ram lamb born 4-15 that will be available when he is weaned probably in late June.  His mother produces nice looking show lambs, so I have high hopes for him!

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