We feed Chaffhaye

For years, we have fed Chaffhaye to our pregnant ewes. We find it easier to deal with than alfalfa, and there is zero waste. With alfalfa bales, a lot falls on the ground, and they tend to leave the stems. Feeding alfalfa helps the ewe get enough calcium for her own system as well as for the babies’ milk.

This year, I also started feeding Chaffhaye to the lambs in the creep feed. Despite having thunderstorms, record rainfall and cold, damp weather during their entire first 2-3 months of life, we had NO scours past the first 10 days of life, NO pneumonia, NO bloat, and no weaning problems. Usually, when we wean, at least one gets sick and we have to abort weaning for the little guy til we can get him well. I have never had such a healthy crop before. Half of the lambs have the same genetics as previous years, and the other half have a new sire — there was no difference in health in either set.

I am guessing that the beneficial bacteria in the Chaffhaye, as well as the additional roughage (Chaffhaye is easier to eat and more palatable for lambs than hay), kept them healthy during this crazy weather. So, I highly recommend trying it out in your flock.

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