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Tag Archives: pictures

Lambing Season has Begun!

Lambing season kicked off during the worst weather of the year. Sleet, followed by snow. The adults don’t mind the dry fluffy snow, but the sleet caused all of them to droop and be nervous. We had twin ewe lambs born during a sleet storm. Fortunately I was there to help, and they ate right away, so they are fine. I nearly froze to death but these beautiful faces make it all worthwhile! This years’ lambs will have birthdays between March 4 and March 22. We will have pedigreed ewe lambs to sell as well as lamb for winter holidays.

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Christmas Lamb Surprise!

We decided to take lambing season off this year simply because of our work schedules. I felt that there was no way I was going to be able to spend all night out in the barn given what I had going on. However, Mr. Seven managed to breed two of our ewes in July, resulting in two sets of twin lambs born at Christmastime. This is actually not a bad time of year to lamb in North Texas, as it’s not too terribly cold usually and work is not very busy.

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2010: The Year in Sheep

January-March: Mother Nature decides that this is the year I can handle the coldest winter ever, most ewes delivering after 10 PM in 30 degree temperatures, and lambing problems never encountered:  Prolapse, detached placenta and stuck shoulder.  I lose the only black lamb we’ve ever had to a detached placenta and mourn all three little lives lost this year. March: Noel shears our flock! My back is saved! Thank you Noel! May: A tough lambing season motivates me to sell practically everything except my dogs.  I sell sheep I swore I’d never part with but am happy with the quality of the homes. August: North Texas State Fair: Highlight: I’m on the committee! Lowlight: The girls come in close to dead last. All sheep put on diet and exercise plan. September: Don and I go on a Sheep Tour of Ireland! […]

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Christmas Surprise!

Wow! Surprise December babies! The clever and good-mothering Longface got pregnant back in early July, which was not expected. However, I noticed she was showing about 6 weeks ago and started feeding her in her own special feeding spot, and we managed to crutch and vaccinate her (though not early enough). On Friday I came home from work to find baby #1 freshly hatched. She was a little cold, so I wrapped her in a towel from the dryer and she perked right up.  Soon, baby #2 came right out with just a couple of pushes. Twin 9 lb. ewe lambs! And now I don’t have to wait til mid-March to get my baby fix. Mom and babies are doing very well and I am spoiling them. I am keeping these girls because Longface is an exceptional mother, even by […]

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New pictures of lambs for sale

We finally have pictures of most of the lambs that are currently for sale. They are all about the same age and would be best for fall or winter shows. Unfortunately they will be too big for Spring shows.  These photos were taken July 27, 2010.  You can click on the small image below for a larger photo. All are wethers except for #24, who is a ewe lamb. Below: #23 wether and #24 ewe lamb, twins born 2/19/2010. #23 has been sheared again since this picture was taken.

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