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Order your lamb now for the holidays!

Impress your guests with a beautiful leg, crown roast or rack of lamb for Christmas dinner! 2016 Lamb Pricing: $3.75 per pound hanging weight. Example: A lamb processed at 6 months old was 69 lb. hanging weight which yielded 41 lbs. of packaged meat. A $125 non-refundable deposit is required for us to deliver the lamb to the processor. We will collect the rest from you after the processor determines the hanging weight. Lambs are usually in the 60-65-lb. range. Sizes may vary and the finished amount of meat depends on the individual animal and the cuts selected. Example: Processing: $100 (paid to Bluebonnet Meat).  Meat is $3.75 per # hanging weight, and the hanging weight was 64 lb. = $240.00 (paid to us) = $340.00 Total. Check out our cutting order, which includes additional options, such as smoked chops and sausage (amazing!). This page […]

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