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Showtime! What do I bring to a sheep show?

This list applies to open or breeding sheep shows as that is my area of experience. For youth / market lamb shows: Don’t bring or use any supplements or medications without asking your teacher — no matter how innocuous — as there are strict rules and even drug testing. Paperwork Pedigrees (if applicable) Receipts for your entry Business cards for your sheep business if you have them Feed and Water Drench gun Electrolytes (get your lamb accustomed to these well before the show) Feed from home (if we are not staying the night I don’t even bring grain and when I do feed grain it’s sparingly, depending on how high strung the animal is.  Grain can cause an upset stomach during times of stress) Water from home Hay from home For your stall Shavings or straw (check what the rules […]

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Pics from the N. Texas State Fair, Denton

We took Nigel (Dapkus 03) and Tinkerbell (Dapkus 04) to the fair in Denton, in the Open Breeeding Sheep show. Nigel won a ribbon for Reserve Breed Champion! He has a lot of eye appeal, good muscling and growth (especially for his young age and breed), and a nice, long body and neck. And yeah, he’s pretty fat. Tinkerbell was the fattest lamb at the entire fair! Too bad they don’t give out ribbons for that. Don’t let your show lambs nurse almost up until fair time! (I knew that, but I just couldn’t do it….). Anyway, in these pics, they are a few days short of 5 months old.

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