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Tag Archives: babies

Lambing Season has Begun!

Lambing season kicked off during the worst weather of the year. Sleet, followed by snow. The adults don’t mind the dry fluffy snow, but the sleet caused all of them to droop and be nervous. We had twin ewe lambs born during a sleet storm. Fortunately I was there to help, and they ate right away, so they are fine. I nearly froze to death but these beautiful faces make it all worthwhile! This years’ lambs will have birthdays between March 4 and March 22. We will have pedigreed ewe lambs to sell as well as lamb for winter holidays.

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Lambs due March 2015

We’ve received some inquiries about when we will have lambs available. The girls are pregnant now and will be having babies throughout the month of March and the first week of April. Some will be sired by Mr. 7, and some by a leased ram named Willwerth Southdowns T2, otherwise known as “Big Boy.” Therefore, I estimate that lambs will be ready for processing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have scored a lot of leftover pumpkins, which they love to eat. Now they expect them in the morning and they are going to be really mad when we run out.

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Christmas Lamb Surprise!

We decided to take lambing season off this year simply because of our work schedules. I felt that there was no way I was going to be able to spend all night out in the barn given what I had going on. However, Mr. Seven managed to breed two of our ewes in July, resulting in two sets of twin lambs born at Christmastime. This is actually not a bad time of year to lamb in North Texas, as it’s not too terribly cold usually and work is not very busy.

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2011 Lambs are here!

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. Mr. Seven did an awesome job getting everyone bred in a short period of time.  It’s really confusing for the new mothers when there are so many little babies squealing at the same time, but they got everything sorted out. Once again I am very proud of our first-time moms for knowing exactly what to do. All of our first-timers have had twins, and all could feed their babies with no help. With two moms left to lamb, this year has been a lot easier than last year, when we lambed in February. Most were born during the day, and all of the lambs seemed to bounce right up, find the teat and get going. Last year we had a lot of requests we could not fill for show lambs for Spring […]

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