Showtime! What do I bring to a sheep show?

Sasha and Malia are all prettied up for the fair!

Sasha and Malia are all prettied up for the fair!

This list applies to open or breeding sheep shows as that is my area of experience. For youth / market lamb shows: Don’t bring or use any supplements or medications without asking your teacher — no matter how innocuous — as there are strict rules and even drug testing.


  • Pedigrees (if applicable)
  • Receipts for your entry
  • Business cards for your sheep business if you have them

Feed and Water

  • Drench gun
  • Electrolytes (get your lamb accustomed to these well before the show)
  • Feed from home (if we are not staying the night I don’t even bring grain and when I do feed grain it’s sparingly, depending on how high strung the animal is.  Grain can cause an upset stomach during times of stress)
  • Water from home
  • Hay from home

For your stall

  • Shavings or straw (check what the rules say about bedding)
  • Buckets for water and food
  • Chairs
  • Double-sided bolt snaps and short pieces of rope because stall gate closures tend to be rickety
  • Small broom and dust pan to keep the area around your pen clean or clean out a pen that is dirty when you arrive
Sasha and Malia get some exercise before the show

Sasha and Malia get some exercise before the show


  • Halters
  • Sheep muzzles (in case your lamb eats shavings, and to keep passers-by from giving your lamb junk food – check the rules to be sure they are allowed). If you use muzzles acclimate your lamb to them before the show and be sure your lamb will drink with one on.
  • Baby wipes or soapless shampoo spray
  • Towels
  • Water hose and nozzle
  • Clippers
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Wool cards or slicker type dog brush and whatever other combs and brushes work for your breed
  • Spray bottle with plain water if it’s warm out.
  • Spray-on hydrating coat conditioner – I use one with aloe, lanolin and tea tree oil to protect against fungus (again, be careful about any cosmetic product to avoid violating a rule)
  • Lamb jacket to keep the lamb clean and keep skin from getting dehydrated and wrinkly.

In case of medical emergency: I bring Phasyme (simethicone) in case someone gets bloated. For overnight trips I bring Banamine (pain reliever and antitoxin by prescription) and LA-200 (all-purpose antibiotic), needles and syringes – these don’t have to be refrigerated but it’s not a good idea to leave them in a hot or freezing car either.

And of course… cash for parking, food, incidentals.

At our shows in Texas, there is usually a vendor there who can sell you many of these things if you forget. They may even have a blade sharpening service there so you may want to take advantage of this and bring your dull blades.

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