North Texas State Fair is around the corner!

And it’s now less than 3 weeks away…

Read here for more info about the fair! I hope to see you there! Please help us share the word that the open breeding sheep show is back.

What are we doing now? Well, Friday I shaved the heads of Niecey, Pixie, Flopsy and Malia and now they look like Cheviots.   I was taught to shave their heads three weeks before the fair so that their wool grows out nice and pretty.

The day before the fair, I then slick-shear their faces, excluding the area from their topknot forward, and from the inside corner of the eye down to the smile.  This enhances the breed character. Some people shave the whole head, ears and all, but I feel that this makes them look like space aliens.

The other thing we are doing is training to walk and stand pretty.  These girls are quite tame and easy to handle so it’s been easy. We are in the process of fading out the treats and getting them used to walking with The Man since he has to show one of the ewe lambs. They are good with me, but not with him. They aren’t scared of him, but since I feed him and he doesn’t, they don’t get what’s in it for them yet.

I am a little (OK,  a LOT) worried that they are too fat.  Since it’s been so hot, they are not getting the exercise they normally do.

This all is good practice for participating in the Christmas parade float! That’s another article though….

See you at the Fair!

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