Lambing Season has Begun!

Lambing season kicked off during the worst weather of the year. Sleet, followed by snow. The adults don’t mind the dry fluffy snow, but the sleet caused all of them to droop and be nervous. We had twin ewe lambs born during a sleet storm. Fortunately I was there to help, and they ate right away, so they are fine. I nearly froze to death but these beautiful faces make it all worthwhile! This years’ lambs will have birthdays between March 4 and March 22. We will have pedigreed ewe lambs to sell as well as lamb for winter holidays.


moms eating

Some of our mothers and Shorty, who is rotten.


We will stand out in and lay down in snow but please don’t talk to us about Texas summers! Yuck!

One of our 2015 sires, "Big Boy." He is BIG.

One of our 2015 sires, “Big Boy.” He is BIG.

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