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It’s 2010 and Lambing Time Again!

… and we are getting pretty jittery around here.  It’s that time when I spend an inordinate amount of time sharing at the ewe’s rear ends, as if they were crystal balls or something: “When are you going to deliver? Will there be twins?”

Of course I have some idea of their due dates, because we used marking paint. But, we had a very rainy fall and I think there are a couple of cases where I thought ewes were re-marked and perhaps they weren’t, because the girls look way too big to be due that late.  We also ultrasounded, but apparently we did it too early because several of the ewes that were said to not be pregnant are bagging up now.

Knowing the due date is important because we vaccinate momma 3 weeks before delivery (5 weeks and 3 weeks for first-timers) so that she will pass immunity on to the lamb.  We are also shearing around their udders for sanitary reasons, and getting their lambing pens clean and ready.

Most of our lambs will be born mid-Feb.-late March. We may have a stray April in there.  Normally, I wean (or try to – this is my least favorite thing because everyone gets so upset) at around 60 days, depending on how they are doing.

So, lambs will be available for sale around mid-April to late-May.  With this new ram, I am expecting great things! Depending on what sex ratio we have, I am planning to sell some ewe lambs as well as ram lambs this year.  And we will probably have some very  nice pets/lawnmowers as well.

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