I have always wanted to put my sheep in the city park.

centralparkMy office is next to a city park, and I have often threatened to fence it in under the cover of night and put my sheep on it. Somehow, I need to keep them from pooping on the gazebo. But anyway, there is a precedent for this.

As you can see, I spend way too much  money on Southdown artifacts on eBay and my office is a turning into Southdown gallery.

The fine expanse of Central Park have their beauty enhanced by the introduction of sheep, which give to the scene a pastoral air highly pleasing to those who might rarely enjoy the sight of a flock… they are made useful in keeping the grass nibbled close, while at the same time they fertilize the turf.

Sounds like a great deal to me! Or how about a sheep and goat petting station like this one in England (my office neighbor keeps Nubian goats and she thinks this is a fine idea too … I think seeing all that green grass going unused every day is getting to us).

Read on for more useful sheep care tips from the 1871 issue of this magazine.




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