For Sale

Custom-processed or USDA-inspected lamb – Professionally processed just for you.

We are located 1 hr. NE of Dallas.

If you are looking to buy lambs for school projects, don’t wait til Fall. I get a lot of phone calls in September-October or later from parents looking for lambs and unfortunately, most breeders don’t have any by that time.

All ASBA pedigrees are in order.

He will make a great pet - he is very friendly, like his mom and dad.

This cutie went to a pet home last year.

All of our lambs are genetically scrapie-resistant (QR or RR).  “RR/NN” means that they pass on scrapie-resistance to 100% of their offspring. Scrapie-resistance means that even if the animal is exposed to scrapie (a disease similar to “mad cow”) it will not contract the disease.