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New pictures of lambs for sale

We finally have pictures of most of the lambs that are currently for sale. They are all about the same age and would be best for fall or winter shows. Unfortunately they will be too big for Spring shows.  These photos were taken July 27, 2010.  You can click on the small image below for a larger photo. All are wethers except for #24, who is a ewe lamb. Below: #23 wether and #24 ewe lamb, twins born 2/19/2010. #23 has been sheared again since this picture was taken.

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Yes, we still have good lambs for sale!

These are all sold, but I am keeping this here just for fun! … But not this one.  One of our buyers sent this pic of “Rocket,” a ram lamb she bought from us. What a handsome boy! The funny thing about him is, he is off our Ballard ewe “Big Momma.”  The other twin showed much more promise early — we called him “Big Boy” — and called this one “Wrinkly Guy,” because he was just a wrinkly little guy.  I guess he didn’t get the best teat or something. When he was still in his scrawny phase, the breeder of our ram stopped by for a visit and he picked Wrinkly Guy out right away and said he liked him. I said, “Oh but he’s so wrinkly!”  Sure enough, he grew into his wrinkles and a young woman […]

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