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The 2009 Lambing Season has begun!

I could not wait for lambing season to begin, so I brought home a triplet bottle baby. Her name is “Eve” and here she is at 24 hours old.  She has been a very healthy, active little baby from Day 1. And, above is one of our lambs who is not even born yet! Most of our ewes have been ultrasounded – we do this to feed the mothers of twins correctly and not overfeed singleton mothers. We will have a small early Spring group and a late spring group. The late Spring lambs will be the perfect age for the early 2010 fairs such as the Texoma and Collin County fairs. They will be weaned and vaccinated by about the time school starts. Our earliest mama ewe, Diva, is due in mid January – she was a Champion so […]

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Pics from the N. Texas State Fair, Denton

We took Nigel (Dapkus 03) and Tinkerbell (Dapkus 04) to the fair in Denton, in the Open Breeeding Sheep show. Nigel won a ribbon for Reserve Breed Champion! He has a lot of eye appeal, good muscling and growth (especially for his young age and breed), and a nice, long body and neck. And yeah, he’s pretty fat. Tinkerbell was the fattest lamb at the entire fair! Too bad they don’t give out ribbons for that. Don’t let your show lambs nurse almost up until fair time! (I knew that, but I just couldn’t do it….). Anyway, in these pics, they are a few days short of 5 months old.

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And Now a Few Words from Nigel.

Hi! I am Nigel, the Ram lamb. My ancestors are famous rams named “Progressor” and “El Nino.” The humans I live with are crazy. They have 5 coyotes for pets, but they don’t look or act much like coyotes. One is black and white and not much bigger than the rabbits. They are scared of us sheep. So we like to mess with their minds. We are not afraid of them. Bucket Lady is always talking about Thefair. I am not sure what Thefair is, but it means that she walks me around in circles and gives me treats. It also means I have to eat special food and can’t just run wild and eat whatever I want. Worst of all, Bucket Lady shaved my man-bits. So I hate Thefair, whatever it is. Here I am chilling out with my […]

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