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Category Archives: Articles

Sold the Farm!

We have sold our farm due to issues with the health of close family members. As you can probably tell, having the lives of a flock of sheep in your hands is a full-time responsibility. It’s impossible to keep both your livestock and family members healthy and safe without a lot of help, which we don’t have. I will always be a shepherd at heart. Caring for sheep changed me fundamentally as a person, and I am very thankful for this experience. This site will stay up as an educational resource for other shepherds and for those interested in the wonderful world of Southdown sheep (and Dorpers too – we really enjoyed them and would have purchased more had we stayed in the business).

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Coming Soon… Lamb Year-Round!

Have Ewe Heard? We are branching out into Dorper and Katahdin sheep in order to be able to provide customers with lamb during a longer portion of the year. Ewes, freezer lambs and custom processed lamb available Spring-Summer, 2018! We also have some beautiful hair sheep that do not require shearing to keep your pasture mowed and provide enjoyment for your family.

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Nice sheep… someone else is in charge here.

When people in Pakistan post or comment on pictures of sheep on Facebook, they often say, “Mashallah.” It’s a way of saying, “Nice sheep, but only through God is this possible.” Shepherds know that someone else is in charge, because sometimes you can do everything right and have a poor outcome, or have a great result despite not knowing what the Hell you are doing (just look at my first 3 or 4 years of shepherding). Last night, the lamb shown below, climbing on Mom, was stuck in the middle between the little one on the ground, completely breech, and a large triplet with it’s head turned backwards. Repositioning the breech and pulling the second lamb detached the placenta and released a lot of fluid, so the one way in the back had no chance. Poor Pixie was horribly stressed but […]

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Lambs due March, 2016

Oh, hey, one of these is NOT a Southdown lamb! Spring lambs are due during the month of March, 2016. We will want to sell breeding-quality ewe lambs, show-quality wethers and ewe lambs, and of course we will have lambs available for custom processing. Stay tuned for more baby pics and news!

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