And Now a Few Words from Nigel.

Hi! I am Nigel, the Ram lamb. My ancestors are famous rams named “Progressor” and “El Nino.”

The humans I live with are crazy. They have 5 coyotes for pets, but they don’t look or act much like coyotes. One is black and white and not much bigger than the rabbits. They are scared of us sheep. So we like to mess with their minds. We are not afraid of them.

Bucket Lady is always talking about Thefair. I am not sure what Thefair is, but it means that she walks me around in circles and gives me treats. It also means I have to eat special food and can’t just run wild and eat whatever I want. Worst of all, Bucket Lady shaved my man-bits. So I hate Thefair, whatever it is.

Here I am chilling out with my friend Bugs. We live together in the Man Cave. Bugs is a Wether which means he is like a girl but not. He does not smell nice like a girl. Bugs’ mother is Longface. His brother is Number Nine because he is “for sale.”

I am a man of many appetites. I love to eat. I love the ladies. That’s why Bugs and I are here in the Man Cave, because Bucket Lady says it’s too early. Well, I don’t think it’s early enough, if you ask me. But no one did.

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