A tribute to our ewes on Mother’s Day

Longface, one of our best mothers, exemplifies motherly patience.

I would like to give credit where credit is due:  To our wonderful mothers who carry these babies for 5 months, then give everything they have to feeding and raising them.  When the little babies wake up and want to eat, mom gets up no matter how tired she is. When the babies wander off, mom hunts them down. Heaven help the sheep who gets too close to her babies, as he or she will be met with a smack or even a hard ram to the head if necessary.  If a lamb must be taken to the vet, mom stays at the gate, calling after the truck until the baby comes back.

The worst thing about having an unsuccessful delivery or losing a lamb is the feeling that I have failed my girls.  Recently, one of our young mother ewes passed away. While I fought to save her, I was alone in the barn with the ewe and her own mother, Bossy. When the ewe’s spirit left her body, Bossy walked out of the barn, bellowing and searching, as if she knew she was alone.


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